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  • Balance case study: Senior finance manager (operations), global law firm

    Having worked through a number of roles over many years you tend to take elements of old jobs through to new ones, and so day to day my role is very wide ranging, with much of my time business facing, tackling issues or looking to improve on the impact of my teams work within the firm.
  • Quiss Technology case study: Office 365 boosts productivity for law firm

    Since its foundation in 1919, Wright Solicitors has always been a progressive law firm, dedicated to delivering high quality legal advice to their clients and always seeking ways to improve the service they provide.
  • Cascade HR: HR software case study: SLP Solicitors

    human resources
    SLP make continuous and substantial investment in the latest IT and quality systems and Cascade HR joins a range of other business systems designed to ensure, both for internal and client facing activities, SLP leads the way.
  • Balance case study: Commercial finance manager, global law firm

    Lots! It really can be varied which is what makes it interesting. This can range from business review meetings, analysing current performance vs. budget, pricing, profitability analysis, review of potential lateral hires, project work, and trend analysis. There is always something going on!
  • Balance case study: Senior pricing analyst, global law firm

    The Balance Secret Series provides an insider view on the realities of working within the different specialist roles that occupy a law firm finance department.
  • Industry Case Study from Thomson Reuters: Hire purposes

    human resources
    Osborne Clarke has seen the benefit of happier candidates and recruiters in the days since cvMail from Thomson Reuters started delivering, say Anna Richardson and Geoff Mead
  • Industry Case Study from Thomson Reuters: Search here

    Lynne Jones, head of library and information services, KM director Claire McNamara, and head of IT projects and change (RIC) Paul Jenkins, HFW, explain how Solcara Legal Search from Thomson Reuters helps the firm to run more smoothly
  • FileTrail case study: Law firm leverages cutting-edge RM Software to replace outdated system

    Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP discovered that FileTrail provides records management software that can easily be integrated with the firm’s accounting system. Plus, it’s already integrated with numerous DM systems right out-of-the-box.
  • LTC4 case study: Successes at Robinson Bradshaw

    Robinson Bradshaw wanted to implement a firmwide training program, focused on competency based performance standards, evaluation and ongoing training, that would have a meaningful impact on firm’s morale and productivity. The program offers the opportunity to become “certified” in various core competencies, and Robinson Bradshaw saw this as an opportunity for staff to grow and develop new and better skills.
  • Legal Workflow case study: Custom workflow paves the way for ISO quality certification

    Advances in technology are driving both expectations and concerns. Law firms are under considerable pressure from their clients – and the government – to protect confidential information. Regulations to protect both consumers and businesses from, for example, money laundering and data breaches, mean that law firms need to comply and to be able to demonstrate that compliance. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines and the necessity to disclose such breaches will likely damage a firm’s reputation.
  • Sprout IT case study: 9 Gough Square

    9 Gough Square tendered for a fully hosted IT environment to run all their business applications, email, and file storage and remote desktops. The tender specified support of only Windows Desktops but fully supports remote access from Mac, iOS, Android, thin client and other devices. MLC (Chambers’ Diary system) was migrated to the new environment ahead of the move for full testing, as was a restore of their current email server.
  • Sprout IT case study: 8 New Square

    SproutIT enable law firms & barristers’ chambers to achieve competitive advantage and peace of mind, through the innovative use of best-of-breed technology, focussed cyber security and resilience, award winning services, and passion for service excellence.
  • Sprout IT case study: Pump Court

    4 Pump Court wanted to replace their traditional, physical server infrastructure as it had reached the end of its useful life. At the same time, there was an opportunity to install a brand new Active Directory along with the latest Operating Systems and application versions. During the research, testing, implementation and go-live stages, the impact on network downtime and resource uptime was of paramount importance.
  • Making pitches work by Enable

    marketing & bd
    A look into the pitching process for top law firms: how they currently operate and how they are improving processes.
  • Quiss case study: Quiss delivers Azure solution for Debenhams Ottaway Solicitors

    Managed IT services specialist Quiss Technology has added Debenhams Ottaway Solicitors (DO) to its growing legal sector client base, following a successful competitive pitch.