Your 2019 profitability analysis will soon be behind you, and regardless of the outcome, there is always an opportunity to make improvements.  Let’s jump into the new year with a renewed focus on profitability through our Legal IT Experts’ Profitability Webinar Series. This webinar series is a collaboration between Iridium Technology, LawVision, and Concata – three of the leading profitability and financial analytics advisors to global and regional law firms.

The Profitable Practice Accelerator: How to Eliminate The 3 Limiting Factors for Law Firm Profitability So You Can Have More Clients, More Profits, and More Time

In this no-cost online seminar you will:

While many firms have a common goal in mind – connecting with clients in ways to drive growth – the journey to accomplish this goal is anything but common. Every firm has hurdles to overcome – from data quality issues to siloed systems and teams. Learn how your firm can overcome its challenges by joining us in this webinar series.

In part two, we’ll look at the key people, roles, responsibilities, and relationships needed to properly align the business to gain new clients, grow existing client relationships, and build a better brand.

Do you want to gain new clients and keep the ones you have? Then you can’t overestimate the importance of respect. It’s a commodity which can get you “over the line” in a myriad of personal and business situations.

Capitalising on data for value-added, intelligent service delivery

The potential of AI to solve business problems and deliver innovation is widely recognized by law firms and corporate legal departments. However, limited resource expertise with the technology often prohibits widespread adoption and optimization. Within this webinar we will explore:

Organizations in legal, accounting, finance, and other industries are facing new types of security threats, both internal and external, that now require more innovative technology and strategies to ensure information remains secure. With rising customer demands and regulatory requirements, companies are also under pressure to secure and manage client information to a higher standard.

In this webinar with Ian Raine, VP of Product Management, Aaron Rangel, Director Product Management, and David Moseley, Product Marketing Director, we will review:

Why are organisations still struggling to manage their legal contracts?

The answer lies in not actually knowing where they are and what value can be derived from them. Within this webinar, we will explore how you can:

Enterprise Search with iManage RAVN

Are you struggling to share knowledge effectively within your business? Finding, curating, and assimilating content can take significant amounts of human effort. This is why iManage RAVN has developed AI and machine learning solutions—to remove much of the manual pain—empowering you to focus on where you can add value to the firm. In our new webinar we answer many of these common questions:

Doug Hargrove, MD of Advanced Legal, discusses with Adrian Crowson, Head of IT at Ringrose Law, how digitising this traditional but essential requirement has given them an affordable way to increase collaboration and flexibility, as well as deliver a faster and more efficient service to their clients.

Why should I attend?

 Discover how to:

Today, 95% of law firms employ a dedicated conflicts team. Recent years have seen the increased professionalization of law firm risk staff, in response to heightened regulatory requirements and an increasingly complex conflicts landscape that compel firms to develop highly skilled risk teams that can apply expert and consistent approaches.

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