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The week’s news has once again been dominated by AI. But there’s a good reason behind that due to some very interesting developments in that sector.

The first and perhaps most worrying thing to come out of the world of AI this week was ‘Norman’. Now admittedly creating a psychopathic AI sounds like a terrible idea but the creation of Norman’s is designed to help to raise awareness of growing issues within AI research.

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Aderant’s annual Momentum Conference took place in Denver in early May, bringing together more than 700 thought leaders and industry experts from nine countries. The three-day event provided representatives from global law firms more than 120 training presentations, hands-on sessions, boot camps and keynote addresses on topics ranging from billing efficiency to matter management and knowledge management.

We understand that you are competing in a much tougher climate than ever before; the role of the trusted advisor both internally and externally has changed significantly. Competition now not only comes from other law firms but also from your peers inside of your firm.

Join PCA Law and ourselves for a half day workshop where we will provide you with actionable insight to help you outmanoeuvre even the strongest competitor.

During our time we will explore:

This week BigHand announces the release of the latest version of their template automation and management solution, BigHand Create version 7.6, which is designed to help users generate consistent, compliant and professional documents more efficiently than ever before. With BigHand Create, firms have the freedom to create and update document templates in-house, without needing time-consuming and expensive custom development.

Carly Woodcock Posted By Carly Woodcock
from Burlington Media Group

This is the first post in a new series of demonstrations video that we will regularly publish to provide a deeper insight into the functionality of our verowave product. 

The aim of these demonstration videos is to show case various components of the software and to highlight some of what can be achieved, simply and quickly, without the need to write macros or programming code.

In this demonstration video, we show case our standard Letter template, particularly highlighting the 'Letter of Engagement' functionality. 

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Jess Carey Posted By Jess Carey
from Burlington Media

Last month, I had the pleasure of moderating an excellent panel at the Consero Legal Operations Forum entitled “Dashboards & Portals: Leveraging Existing Operational Investments for Greater Returns,” in Pasadena, CA.  My esteemed panelists included Scott Fuller from Applied Materials, Brian Pomeroy from Discover Financial Services, Elizabeth Miller from Dolby Laboratories, Julie Cremeans from Fair, and Emelita Hernandez-Bravo from Fitbit.  Each panelist brought a fresh perspective on how to best leverage dat

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This article was also featured as an industry analysis in the December 2017 issue of Briefing. To read the issue in full, download Briefing.

The ability for fee earners to find information quickly and painlessly is what makes the difference between a well-oiled law firm and one that’s stuck in the mud.

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Aderant, a global leader in firm management software, has released KM Analytics, a new module included within Handshake which provides users and administrators a deep understanding of how a firm’s Handshake Portal, Universal Search and core SharePoint environments are being used.

By combining Aderant’s existing expertise of clients and the legal industry, KM Analytics identifies key data points such as most-used resources, time of search, and abandoned searches to give insights to adoption, relevancy tuning and content analysis.

Cognitive search starts with understanding search

Cognitive search, and indeed, the entire new wave of cognitive applications, are the next leap forward in information access. These apps rest on a search backbone that integrates information, making it findable and usable.

Search engines were the first probabilistic software applications in widespread use. Although not widely recognized as such, they have groomed a generation of information seekers to accept ranked results as well as to enter probes, rather than precise queries.

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We recently announced a new product called SmartHub (you can read the announcement here).  This is a big milestone for BA Insight, a key step in our strategy of delivering a new generation of smarter search solutions.

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