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iManage, the company dedicated to transforming how professionals work, and Workshare, a leading provider of intelligent technology for protecting high stakes documents, today announced enhanced product integrations that enable legal CISOs and other security professionals to better protect sensitive client data, especially when collaborating with email.

From household appliances to civic infrastructure, cities are getting connected, securing their vast networks of smart, internet-enabled devices is a rising priority.

Where connected devices such as smart speakers or lights may be vulnerable to hacks that afford attackers access to a home network, connected infrastructure such as buildings, motorways, and traffic lights could potentially be hacked to bring companies or cities to a standstill.

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Workshare today announced that its innovative document comparison tool is now fully integrated into the NetDocuments content services cloud platform.

There’s a myth that it’s hard to find insurers willing to cover small law firms. I recently asked a group of sole practitioners in Birmingham how many insurers or managed general agents they thought there were in this part of the market. Most reckoned there were only two or three. In fact, there are 17. They have different risk appetites, of course, but there have probably never been more insurers for small law firms to choose from.

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NetDocuments, the leading secure cloud-based content services platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments, today released statistics highlighting the company’s customer growth and continued rapid global market adoption. Now managing over 10 billion documents across 2,500 global customer firms, NetDocuments global cloud service continues to add, on average, 1.5 new customer firms per day. Successful implementations are also on record pace with more than 16,000 professionals across 350 customer firms having gone live on NetDocuments in the last 12 months.

Data privacy has always been a critical area of importance for solicitors’ practices and barristers’ firms.

All the work you perform for each client and the information they share with you is protected by the confidentiality implicit in the relationship between a legal professional and the person they’re representing.

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Professional Indemnity insurance remains one of the three largest overheads for any law firm, along with staff and building costs. Throughout 2018, the Professional Indemnity insurance market has continued to see change ripple under the surface, stimulated by the potential implications of Brexit and a wider nervousness towards the economy. Furthermore, the latest consultation from the SRA seeking to change the minimum level of indemnity required by law firms has seen certain insurers reduce their exposure as margins continue to diminish.

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At Convene we believe that your trust in our security is an integral part of the user experience. Trust also means being able to explain things in an easy to understand way. Our explainer document is designed to help you understand why SSL and AES is needed for online security.

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NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based content services and security platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments, announced today that it has completed third-party certifications and attestations for ISO 27017 and GDPR respectively, and has implemented additional controls for its annual Type 2 SOC 2 audit. 

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