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If your company is like most, then it relies on paper records. But over-reliance on paper can limit your organisation’s success. Here are several signs it may be time to digitise your documents:


In 2016 ByrneWallace became the first large firm in Ireland to have ISO 27001 certification. Firms with ISO 27001 certification must have a totally comprehensive system of security measures that extend beyond just IT.

Now, of course, the firm has to ensure it complies with the GDPR as well as. Part of ByrneWallace’s security strategy is to manage the risk of email data breaches – one of the most common cybersecurity threats a firm faces.

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Small businesses are just as vulnerable to data breaches as big corporations. But for many small business owners, investing in breach prevention measures is an afterthought. In this blog, we offer five cost-effective strategies to protect your small business from a data breach.

1. Lock down sensitive documents

Every small business should protect its hard copy records. Record centre storage protects confidential documents from internal and external threats by offering:

The premier firm relies on cleanDocs to prevent sensitive information in email attachments being accidentally leaked to the public.

DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced that Burness Paull, a top-tier Scottish law firm, has chosen cleanDocs to minimize the risk of inadvertent data leaks. cleanDocs removes hidden and potentially damaging metadata from email attachments on send, and prompts users to confirm recipients and attachments as valid.

You can’t throw documents in boxes, tuck them away in a closet, and expect success for your business. Halfhearted document management practices lead to lost productivity, unnecessary audits, and regulatory non-compliance. Here are several reasons your business needs a good file storage and management plan.


By consolidating its technology vendors, ByrneWallace was able to streamline the user experience and make major improvements to solutions depended upon by staff every single day. ByrneWallace improved its redaction workflows, document comparison speed and accuracy, and data protection, so it is more easily able to meet the requirements for ISO 27001 and GDPR compliance.

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Accidental human errors are increasingly leading to serious data breaches – a worrying prospect for law firms. Sam Moore, innovation manager and solicitor at Burness Paull, explains how his firm uses DocsCorp products to reduce these risks, improving lawyers’ quality of life in the process.

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The new industry guide evaluates common electronic redaction techniques and workflows, finding most of them wanting in terms of efficiency and security.

If you want to cut the time and costs associated with storing and locating paper records, document scanning is the perfect solution. But there’s also a lot of room for error. Here are several guidelines to help you avoid common document scanning pitfalls:

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