The fastest, most accurate desktop comparison and metadata removal solution ever.

Workshare, the leading provider of content comparison and protection technology, today announces the availability of this major new release. The highlight of this announcement is the new ability to compare Microsoft Excel workbooks with Workshare Compare’s innovative new product, Workshare Professional 10.

For the majority of law firms, their DMS will likely be tightly integrated with other applications. These could be New Business Intake systems, ethical walls and confidentiality managers, or simply the Microsoft office suite with many plugins. How should you plan and structure the testing for the initial implementation and data migration? Will the structure and scope need to change to manage longer-term BAU testing?

The cloud offers many advantages including effective mobility, disaster recovery and greater business agility. Cloud security has also advanced, and many organizations today actually get better security from their cloud providers than they could deliver themselves. Yet, all clouds are not equal. If you are evaluating the cloud, here are four factors to consider when comparing cloud providers:

When it comes to cyber security there is a lot to consider, which is why working with a managed service provider like Pulsant can add great value to your business. Get access to the latest technology, expertise and cyber security solutions to ensure your organisation is protected.

In our latest webinar we’re highlighting the work we’re doing with one of our expert security partners Armor Cloud Security.

While law firms have largely operated in the same way for generations, changing client needs, demand for better value and the benefits of new technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Cloud are pushing the legal sector in new directions.

Here, Doug Hargrove, Managing Director, Legal at Advanced, gives his predictions for the future of legal technology in 2019 and beyond.

The potential of AI beyond streamlining processes will be recognised

AI Needs Training

Encouraged by media portrayals of AI, a widespread myth is that AI simply learns by itself. For example, a common misconception represents AI as a digital brain that can be plugged and played into a given scenario, learning to solve X, Y, Z challenges on its own. Such representations are based on fiction, not fact.

AI Is Mathematics, Not Magic

DocsCorp, a leading provider of enterprise productivity solutions, today announced that its desktop productivity suite is compatible with Office 2019. For customers using the cloud, DocsCorp solutions are also Office 365 compatible. The DocsCorp suite of productivity tools include compareDocs for document comparison, cleanDocs for data breach prevention and metadata cleaning, and pdfDocs for PDF editing and bundling.

Workshare was once again recognized as the market-leading content comparison solution in the ILTA technology survey. We have great partners, like iManage, who we work with to ensure our leading technology is always embedded and available in the places you work.

All Workshare products are compatible with your iManage Work 10 solution, so you can use comparison software integrated with Work 10 now.

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The technology landscape moves quickly. That’s a fact. One of the challenges with operating in this environment is that you need to keep pace with the changes, constant innovation and understand the impact it will all have on the organisation you work in and the wider industry.

But the key thing to remember about the technology landscape is that it’s a community of sorts. There’s a wealth of knowledge out there and success lies in sharing those skills and expertise, especially as the pace of change accelerates.

Blue Car Technologies, a provider of tailored software solutions to the legal sector and other professional services organisations, today announced that its market-leading DocuSign connector for iManage Work now provides support for the new release of iManage Work 10.2. Blue Car Technologies’ innovative DocuSign Connector allows users of iManage Work to sign digital documents seamlessly with a single right click action using DocuSign, the industry-leading e-signature solution.

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