Nikec Docstore and Nikec Hub have combined to form HUBSHARE, the complete Extranet, Collaboration and Secure File Sharing Solution.

Hubshare is a powerful collaboration and secure file sharing platform that allows professionals to collaborate more effectively and more efficiently.

Doxly today announced that its transaction workflow management platform is now fully integrated with all versions of iManage, the leading document management system for today’s modern legal professional. Doxly’s seamless integration with all versions of iManage into its platform enhances attorneys’ transactional workflows by enabling legal teams to forgo document storage in the cloud.

Iridium Technology announced today that they completed the purchase of the legal industry division of Decision Pace Inc. Jay Moeller, the former CEO of Decision Pace, has already joined Iridium in the position of Director - Project Management Office. All Decision Pace clients are now by Iridium staff and have the option to migrate onto the Iridium BI products. All Iridium BI modules will be made available to the Decision Pace clients: Revenue, Profitability, GL+Expense, and Matter Budgeting/Tracking. Both cloud deployment and on-premise deployment will be fully supported.


Legal document automation isn’t scary. Automating the creation of documents is not intended to replace, minimise or threaten what lawyers do. Lawyers always have been, and always will be, the guardians of the legal documents that form the basis of all business; but by automating certain parts of the process, they can be liberated to focus on elements of the role that add real value.

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A seamless cash flow is of paramount importance for law firms, as they receive 80 percent of their revenue from 20 percent of clients. These firms are the source of recurring revenue, and hence, retaining such clients in the long run is vital for legal organizations. However, due to various constraints such as an increase in the credit line, delay in payments, bill disputes raised by customers, and similar discrepancies, account receivables (AR) become overdue and the cash flow gets disrupted.

Charles Christian writes…"We’ve all read those stories in the legal press about big City, international, “Magic Circle” and “Silver Circle” law firms announcing they are going to spend millions pounds on innovation projects involving leading-edge technology, space-age office spaces, radical new ways of working, and so on."

Planning calms the nerves

Included in all our Qworks comprehensive managed IT services contracts is a technology refresh after four years. Although contracts are typically much longer, our experience determines that this is the optimum time to change all the equipment and exploit newer technologies.

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The Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) and iManage are proud to announce their selection as co-hosts for the Chicago site for the 2019 Global Legal Hackathon, February 22-24. The Global Legal Hackathon is the largest legal technology innovation event in the world. In 2018, more than 40 cities and 22 countries participated, and this year it is likely to be even bigger.

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Thomson Reuters invites you to attend the VANTAGE 2019 EMEA Regional Conference held this year in London. Get ready to experience VANTAGE and gain the perspective you need to take your business to the next level!

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