Human Resources

Human Resources

The usual ‘start of term’ feeling, that many have at this time of year after the summer months, brings with it an element of trepidation this year. Many have experienced prolonged remote working whilst others are facing the end of the full furlough scheme: with new health regulations in place, understanding the logistics and feeling safe in the office environment are inevitable concerns.

At Miller we believe that law firms of all sizes should consider mental health as part of their risk mitigation. Not only is it the right thing to do to support your employees, it also helps to reduce risk, errors and potential claims.

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Law firms are people-centric organizations; so your firm’s success depends on finding and retaining the best possible talent and leveraging your employees’ experience and knowledge to deliver value to your clients. Today’s growing law firms must find, attract, and hire the best possible talent and deploy proactive strategies to drive employee retention and efficiently manage administrative HR processes. 

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As you'll know, LSN’s networking events are a unique opportunity to meet others like you in your community. They're designed to help you make new connections, find solutions, catch up with colleagues and, if you’re looking, help you find a new job.

A top 50 UK law firm commissioned Intelligent Office to review its secretarial and office administrative functions. At the time, the firm’s support consisted of PAs, secretaries and administrative assistants plus central office services such as print, mail and archives. The firm’s ratio was significantly worse than the average for the UK Top 50 published in the PwC annual law firm survey. 

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At the start of this new decade, we consider the trends likely to influence law firm leadership, structure and operating models as we move through the 2020s.

In the last decade, law firms showed remarkable resilience following the impact of 2008/09’s global economic meltdown. The legal sector has shown growth materially ahead of inflation for a number of years.

Intelligent Office UK (IO), the leading provider of PA, document production and administrative support services to the legal sector, has been reappointed by Top 100 firm Capsticks for another contract term.

Not all decisions to outsource are incentivised by cost savings—law firms are perhaps one of the best examples of this. For decades, corporates have been outsourcing legal work, recognising that this is the best way to get a high-quality service.

There is value to be found in working with an outsourcing provider and even more value when you invest in working with them towards a shared goal.

This blog explores the four ways that outsourcing a non-commercial function, specifically administrative and secretarial support, can add value in a UK top 100 law firm.

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Intelligent Office (IO), the leading provider of support services to the UK professional sector, continues to grow its relationship with CBRE’s Global Workspace Solutions division by delivering services at an increasing number of their clients.

In addition to delivering First Impression services at their global headquarters in London, IO is also now managing the client experience, incorporating reception and meeting room management, at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Oxford Mayo Clinic, Dunnhumby and Talk Talk.

Rachel McCorry, CEO at IO said,

Intelligent Office UK (IO) the leading provider of secretarial and office administrative solutions to the legal and professional services sectors has had an excellent 2019, seeing growth from existing as well as new clients.  To ensure an ongoing focus on the development of IO’s offering, we are delighted to announce two senior hires to augment our long-standing leadership team.

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