Human Resources

Human Resources

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the MER Conference in Chicago. The annual event is one of the largest educational conferences focused on addressing the ever-present challenges of managing electronic records from the legal, technical and operational perspectives.

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A few months ago, every time I opened my laptop to write a legal blog or webpage I wanted to cry.  For the first time, I found myself hating what I used to love.


After a particularly exhausting week, walking back to Kings Cross station after a day of meetings, I found myself in tears to my husband, telling him the idea of writing copy for the rest of my life filled me with a leaden dread.

Then I read Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.

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Think you can schmooze like a pro? Here are the top five networking mistakes you might inadvertently be making…

Dissing the business card

When someone hands you their business card, do you just stuff it into your pocket without a second glance? Think again. While there are some cultural differences when it comes to swapping business cards, to treat it disrespectfully is a universal faux pas. Look at it before pocketing it.

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This month, LPM magazine's Slaying the discout dragon supplement looks at how SME firms can drive profitability by using better data analysis and client communications to stop discounting, with insight from issue sponsors DW Reporting and Wilson Legal.

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For law firms, developing the right human resource (HR) and recruitment strategy for analysing their staff performance and streamlining their recruitment and talent management processes are vital to their success. People analytics is now a top priority for legal HR departments as they recognise the value of investing in the right performance strategies to enable them to employ the right lawyers and staff.

10 top tips on talent management

Any business's most important asset is its employees. To secure your business’s future, you need to recruit then retain the right individuals. But doing this is today's challenge.

Here are 10 top tips to help you apply the nurturing touch in your workplace…

1. Communicate openly

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On 9 May, International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) launched a new campaign to engage and enlist more leaders from the Asia-Pacific region's financial and technology industries to fight online child sexual abuse and exploitation, and A&O is continuing to support this important campaign.



Balance Recruitment, the award-winning legal sector specialist accountancy and finance systems recruitment consultancy, has released its latest legal accounts salary survey.

Our Legal Accounts division holds a combined 30+ years’ experience of recruiting and working within this niche market and we have developed and maintained an excellent reputation for the quality of service we provide.

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