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This month, LPM magazine finds out what it takes to get your voice heard at board level.

Special supplement:
Tech in – LPM teams up with Converge TS to dive into how clients are driving SME law firms to build better connections with technology.

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It has once again been a big month for AI with some really interesting things going on that are vitally important to how we will use AI in future.

The most exciting piece of AI news came out of IBM when they revealed 'Project Debater.'

Now to some, it might actually sound like your worst nightmares coming to life because Project Debater can argue back, however it actually displays a range of impressive innovations.

Firstly, it can understand the context of what someone is saying during a debate, creating its own argument in real time.

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The Challenge

Following a merger in 2013, Harrison Clark Rickerbys were faced with the challenges of finding a way to connect the compliance processes of different offices into one centralised and consistent approach. Allowing much needed visibility of information across the offices became a priority, while at the same time bringing current and new partners intentions together was essential.

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Recently CB Resourcing surveyed hiring managers across the UK legal information sector. The survey was presented on a panel at the 2018 BIALL conference with key figures from across the industry.

Of particular interest for job seekers the survey captured the priorities of hiring managers when adding to their teams.

The survey results indicate that customer service orientation is the most important consideration for hiring managers in the legal information sector.

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What is Unstructured Data?

Unstructured is defined as “not formally organised in a set or conventional pattern”.

At home, most of us save documents to either our Documents folder on the PC or to cloud storage products like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

We can save the documents wherever we want, and we can create folders that make sense to us. We can create documents and save them in these folders in way that suits us …. individually.

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HighQ is pleased to announce their acquisition of Legal Anywhere, a North American software and technology company. The two organisations are market leaders that specialise in secure, mobile enterprise collaboration and file sharing solutions for the legal industry.

Jess Carey Posted By Jess Carey
from Burlington Media

It's estimated that three quarters of small business owners forego holidays in order to keep things running smoothly at work. An inestimable number of senior workers are unable to fully switch off when on holiday over worries that issues will crop up that can't be resolved without them.

But everyone needs a holiday...

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In this episode, Tory MP Ken Clarke reveals why he has occasionally dressed up in women’s underwear. The former Lord Chancellor and current Father of the House of Commons also tells Kevin what he thinks of his new-found fans – drawn by his outspoken views on Brexit.

This episode won't disappoint.  The pair also discuss: pressure to modify Ken's Nottinghamshire accent; attending Rushcliffe beauty parades for column inches; death threats; selfies; and Trump (the president, not the inflatable baby).

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In this episode, Kevin is joined by Yasmin Sheikh. Yasmin is the founder of Diverse Matters, vice-chair of the Law Society’s Lawyers with Disabilities Division, consultant, coach, actress, comedian and TEDx speaker. 

During their conversation, Yasmin talks about her experience of being thrown into the world of disability overnight and the daily challenges she faces. Yasmin also discusses the impactful work she's doing with law firms, advising about disability-related issues in an effort to improve communication, visibility and opportunities.

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When the topic of artificial intelligence in the legal industry surfaced a handful of years ago, conceptual and visionary topics dominated the discussion. Questions like “What will AI mean to human practitioners?” and “What areas could AI impact the most?” drove the narrative of articles, studies and projections.

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