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Practice Management

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Next Spring, something massive is coming that is going to lead to huge changes for millions of businesses in the UK. No, not Brexit, we’re talking about Making Tax Digital.

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a government initiative announced over three years ago in the March 2015 budget to transform the tax system and make it easier for everyone to maintain records and to get their tax correct. [1]

On Tuesday 24th July, the Government published its updated National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) immediately replacing the previous NPPF from March 2012.

The aim of the update is to set out the Government’s planning policy as to how sustainable development across the board should be planned, and how planning applications proposing development of all kinds should be determined.

As part of the Landmark Academy, we host webinars to provide guidance and training to help property solicitors and conveyancers identify and manage a host of risks that can occur in residential and commercial property transactions.

Long-range weather forecasts predict freezing temperatures, heavy snow and icy storms beginning as early as November and continuing for four months. As a nation, we simply don't cope well with severe wintry conditions and our travel network, particularly, struggles to maintain any semblance of normality.

For businesses this means one thing: protracted disruption as staff can't journey into the office.

With Children In Need just around the corner, it's time for a charity update about planned fundraising efforts for national and local causes.

If you're familiar with our charitable work, you'll know that Children In Need makes a regular appearance in our calendar. 2018 is no exception. We're planning our usual bake sale (we love cake!) and all-you-can-eat buffet (in fact, we just love food generally!) for our staff. There may also be a raffle for other businesses - neighbouring companies, clients, suppliers and partners - to get involved too.

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Newly formed legal tech company Focis has selected Converge TS to provide a fully managed Infrastructure as a Service platform to host their clients’ data.

Established by two experienced consultants to the legal sector, Paul Ryan and Adele Summers, Focis aims to support law firms in delivering a digital strategy that enhances the client experience. They achieve this by providing a unique mix of products and services that helps firms securely connect data and processes to their clients through integration, reporting and data entry forms.

Jess Carey Posted By Jess Carey
from Burlington Media

Data security experts all echo the same sentiment: “It’s not if your organisation will be breached, it’s when.” Does your business have a breach response plan? In this blog, we offer several steps to take after a data breach so you can create - or update - your breach response plan.

Stay Calm

A data breach can cause widespread panic throughout your organisation. The key is not to overreact. As a leader, you must stay calm so you can address the situation with clarity and move forward with an incident response plan.

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