Practice Management

Practice Management

Accesspoint invites you to watch the demo video for Flashpoint, the new innovative software gateway to sending all your notes from paper straight into your PMS, chosen folders or client case files.

Created with forward thinking law firms in mind, Flashpoint is sure to save admin time and modernise the traditional workflow of your firm!

Watch the demo!

For more information please visit the Accesspoint website.

Tikit, a global provider of technology solutions to legal firms, today announced they won the Product/Service Provider of the Year award at the Symphony Legal Conference last week.

This award was presented in recognition of the value that Tikit has added to a law firm. This was through demonstration of how they have supported the legal sector and how that support resulted in increased growth, value and professionalism of the service offered by the firm.

Virtual Future: Turning Virtual Ways of Working into a Unique Selling Point 

Firms are adopting many different working models to become more flexible, retain their talent base and get closer to clients. Whether you have embraced life as a virtual law firm or are just considering ways to allow remote or flexible working arrangements, it's clear  virtual ways of working are transforming the legal sector. The top considerations we hear from firms include:

When Ellis-Fermor & Negus needed to overhaul its outdated analogue system, Advanced delivered time and cost savings while enabling the firm to increase efficiency.

Formed in 1893, Ellis-Fermor & Negus provides clients with a wide range of expert legal solutions across four offices in the north of England. Their success comes from recognising every client as an individual with distinct requirements. This is what they had to say about adopting Advanced Digital Dictation. 

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Firms often run countless numbers of complex matters at once. Keeping track of all this; the wins, the losses, whether something is over or under budget; is impossible without good project management. However, LPM’s are often held back by an inability to scale what they do. Without scale, firms can never truly benefit from the oversight and control project management can bring to their firm.

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What always happens to me a week after I get a new phone?

The next-generation version is announced. It’s always infinitely better and cooler, with a whole host of new features and revolutionary technologies I would just love to have. But no – I’m gonna be stuck with this embarrassing, already old-fashioned piece of kit for the next two years until my contract renews again.

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Quill’s launched a smartphone app in BETA format of its market-leading Interactive Cloud case management, legal accounts and document management software.

The Interactive AppBETA  is now free to download in the Apple App store and Google Play for iOS and Android users respectively. Featuring pretty much the same functionality as Interactive, Quill’s app allows users to view client and matter information, add new clients and matters, record fee earner time, use stopwatches, authorise e-chits and view listings of recent documents.

Quill’s Interactive case and document management software now integrates with Bundledocs, giving users document generation and bundling functionality at its best.

Quill-Bundledocs clients can take any combination of documents from Interactive, and quickly and easily compile numbered, indexed, sectioned and hyperlinked booklets – or bundles – in minutes. Regardless of size, subsequent changes to bundles can be performed in seconds.

We’ve recently completed an integration with SimplyAgree, a tool that streamlines the legal signature and closing management process.  Closing technology can now be seamlessly integrated into existing attorney workflows to maximize firms’ closing efficiency.  While parts of the integration follow a familiar pattern, other parts are unique, so I thought I’d go through how the integration was put together.

Behind the Process

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By nature, legal firms can be high-pressure environments. Employees are under the constant beck and call of clients and the workday can easily become stressful. So, as a legal partner, how do you lead your team in a way that inspires them to remain positive and productive? How do you get them to join you on the journey of creating a remarkable law firm that is held in high regard by both clients and the employees themselves?

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