Practice Management

Practice Management

The UK’s award-winning practice management provider rolls out its biggest software enhancement to date as LEAP 2x is launched across the UK.

This January, lawyers using the practice management system will benefit from many new enhancements that will make practising law more efficient than ever. As well as a new, clear and sharp user interface, the introduction of LEAP 2x will help to simplify navigation, improve usability and deliver multi-window support that allows lawyers to work on multiple matters at the same time.

Each of the acquisitions are long established and highly regarded operators – both Condor and Systems Technology are southern based Canon Platinum partners, and CSL is a Konica Minolta Elite partner serving customers across the midlands.

When long-established Fahri Jacob Solicitors first opened for business, its accounts were managed on a manual bookkeeping basis. Once industry regulators introduced new requirements for computerised accounts, the firm sourced potential software suppliers from an approved providers list. Quill was one of five companies contacted, and chosen for its cooperative, friendly attitude and high-performance application.

So you’ve decided to attend LPM South. Great decision! You’re set for a great day, learning all sorts of important information to help you in your work. But one of the most important things you could do is to pay DPS Software a visit while you’re there. Here’s why…

The danger to law firms from hackers and fraudsters has never been greater. As technology advances, so do criminals, who find new ways to target victims and new vulnerabilities to take advantage of. And Law Firms are a key target.

Law Firms inevitably hold a vast amount of confidential data. That could be a person’s sensitive personal data, or even commercially sensitive information. Criminals will look to target law firms to get hold of this data or even hold it to ransom. So, you need to ensure that you have adequate protection in place.

What is the main purpose of your business?

You may say to help your clients. Or maybe to uphold the rule of law. But the main purpose will be the same as almost any other business.

To make a profit.

After all, a business that isn’t making a profit, is a failing business. Increasing your profit margins makes it easier for you to grow your business and make it even more profitable. But how to you increase profits within your business?

There’s actually four ways.

Working in an office has its benefits. Having everyone in one place makes collaboration amongst staff a bit easier. Staff can discuss matters in person, which also helps to build relationships in your team.

You can also monitor the work that staff are doing and ensure that they are up to date with everything.

However, working solely from an office also has its limitations.

You are restricted to the local area for recruiting new members of staff. This means that your talent pool is significantly smaller, making it harder for you to find the right candidate.

Attending LPM South gives you the opportunity to meet a number of companies that can help you to improve your practice. One such company is DPS Software. DPS Software offer a full holistic software solution for law firms.

You will become more efficient and secure, while gaining the freedom to work from anywhere with DPS Software. The DPS Software range of products include Practice Management, Legal Accounts, Client Portal and a number of mobile apps for both you and your clients.

LexisNexis UK, a leading global provider of information and analytics, has announced the shortlist for the LexisNexis Legal Awards 2020. The winners will be revealed at a spectacular event at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane on 11 March 2020.

When Ai Law first started, there were three employees. The firm had a busy workload and few people to share the myriad duties during its infancy.

Tom Ellis, Partner at Ai Law, explains: “In the early days, we all had to wear a lot of hats. I was business manager, bookkeeper and fee earner. It was difficult to stay on top of, and became unsustainable as we grew.”

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