Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance
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In an age where digital information rules, it’s easy to dismiss hard copy documents, even though they play a critical role in your business. Key documents help your organisation document compliance, ensure due diligence, and support ongoing business operations. In this blog, we review five major reasons to have a document storage strategy.

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Cloud provider to the legal sector, Converge Technology Specialists (Converge TS), has been listed as one of the Top 100 fastest growing tech businesses in Britain by the Sunday Times. The company was ranked in 89th place after recording a 55% average annual revenue growth over the last three years.

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This month:
This month, LPM magazine finds out what it takes to get your voice heard at board level.

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Tech in – LPM teams up with Converge TS to dive into how clients are driving SME law firms to build better connections with technology.

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It was great to be back at ILTACON again last week. The peer-inspired sessions and interactions with so many legal technology colleagues inspired and motivated us. This year’s theme was innovation and change and it was obvious that change is in the air. Here are a few of our takeaways. We are interested to hear your thoughts as well. 

Last year, British Airways suffered an IT failure which stranded 75,000 passengers, cost up to £150m in compensation and damaged its global reputation. The incident highlighted how essential IT systems are in business today. We need constant access to technology tools and data to do our jobs. What would we do if they were not available? And would it damage our business? This is why all firms, big and small, need a reliable IT disaster recovery plan.

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This webinar will demonstrate how you can send a signed document and have it signed and returned by a client in seconds. All online, without using a single sheet of paper.

This is your opportunity to join MD of DPS Software, Osman Ismail, in a free one-hour webinar, where he will be discussing:

  • The future of Cloud Computing
  • The DPS development road map 
  • How DPS are redefining document delivery
  • Quality of service to clients 
  • Joined up law 

You will also get the opportunity to ask the founder of DPS any questions you may have about the software.

This is a one time opportunity, so make sure you don't miss out and register using the button opposite.

It has once again been a big month for AI with some really interesting things going on that are vitally important to how we will use AI in future.

The most exciting piece of AI news came out of IBM when they revealed 'Project Debater.'

Now to some, it might actually sound like your worst nightmares coming to life because Project Debater can argue back, however it actually displays a range of impressive innovations.

Firstly, it can understand the context of what someone is saying during a debate, creating its own argument in real time.

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Join NetDocuments for Elevate’19 EMEA.

The annual European event from NetDocuments will bring together customers, partners and anyone interested in document management and legal technology.

Delegates can look forward to demos, sessions and networking activities in our new venue, the iconic County Hall, London. Elevate 2018 was unforgettable, and we anticipate with the move to a larger venue that this year’s conference will be even bigger and even more exciting.

On behalf of the entire NetDocuments team, we look forward to seeing you there.

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