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Risk & Compliance

Walk-through: Create a meeting in Convene

A comprehensive video walk-through for meeting admin/organisers on how to set up your meeting in Convene.

Viewing time < 10 minutes

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Feature Overview: Creating groups for boards and committees

Set up your committees or groups of attendees in Convene and then re-use them for any other meetings you organise.

Viewing time < 2 minutes

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NetDocuments is excited to announce its annual summit, ndElevate 2018 taking place in London.

Meeting admin becomes as simple as drag-and-drop with Convene's digital meeting platform. Learn to set up a meeting in Convene in under five minutes.

The five steps:

1. Start by logging in and clicking on 'Schedule New Meeting'. This can be done via a browser on any device.

2. Add the time, date and meeting venue.

3. Add your participants with one click. Or create a group to use later.

4. Drag and drop documents into your agenda.

5. Click publish when you are done.

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Established in 1838, Linklaters is a multinational law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Their work is divided into three broad divisions for management purposes - corporate, dispute resolution and finance and projects. For the year ended 30 April 2016, Linklaters generated revenues of £1,310.1 million, making it the world’s fourth highest-grossing law firm.

National law firm Veale Wasbrough Lawyers merged with niche London law firm Vizards Tweedie in 2009. One aspect of the merger involved the case management systems that each legal business was using.

Veale Wasbrough had been using our practice management solution for 10 years before this event. The solution included our conveyancing case management software, case tracking and online fee quotation software. While they were happy with how the system worked, they’ve realised that they had to adapt it to the needs of the newly formed business.

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After four years with Thomson Reuters Elite, Peter Gill (its ex-head of sales, EMEA), has joined legal-focused cloud provider Converge Technology Specialists (Converge TS). Its first chief commercial officer, he says the opportunity to add value to a business just beginning a new chapter in its growth story was impossible to turn down.

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The increasing burden of identifying and verifying ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) is a common thread in the conversations we have with regulated firms.

Gathering and analysing the information needed to understand corporate ownership structure and discover UBOs can take anything from several hours to days. As a highly manual process, it’s also prone to human error, leaving firms exposed to unknown risks and criminal activity such as money laundering, corruption and bribery.

What is an ultimate beneficial owner?

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NetDocuments, the leading cloud-based content management platform for law firms and corporate legal and compliance departments backed by Clearlake Capital, announced today that Josh Baxter has been named CEO of NetDocuments, with Matt Duncan continuing with the company in the role of executive chairman. Long-time sales leader Marc Duncan will assume the position of strategic sales VP.

Long-term Intapp partner Pinnacle has announced that its Business Acceptance practice lead Ash Nanda has become the vendor’s first Cloud certified professional in Europe.

With Intapp continuing to develop its Professional Services Platform away from a solely on-premises offering, the certification ensures that firms looking to leverage new Cloud capability can tap into qualified solution design and application support.

Tikit, part of the BT Group and the leading provider of technology solutions for law and professional services firms, today announced a partnership with award winning cybersecurity provider Red Sift.

Red Sift are the creators of OnDMARC, a cloud‐based email security product that helps organisations to protect their domains against email impersonation. Built on an AI cyber security platform, the tool makes implementing and configuring the Domain‐based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocol protection clearer, simpler and more secure.

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