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Are any firms sending out their bills in PDF format via email? If yes, do you still sign the face of the invoice?

Would a scanned signture be acceptable?
Asked by: Sue Salamon (nee Hitchen)
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Hi Sue, We have a number of clients that send out their invoices by pdf these days and have written software that automatically picks up the invoice it, converts to PDF, inserts it into the document management system and optionally emails the invoices individually or bundles all invoices that day for a client into one PDF and email. With the introduction of ebilling, the law had to change on signing bills as you cannot sign an ebill nor can you under VAT regulations have an electronic and a paper version. The Legal Services Act 2007 removed the need for this although our clients do tend to put a scanned signature on the bill - usually just the firm's name. Mail me if you have any further questions! DG@saturn27.com
Posted by David Gallagher

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