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Does anyone have a BPM/workflow process posting client account transactions into Elite Enterprise?

We are looking to implement a Metastorm BPM process & wondered what peoples experiences have been when processing client account transactions into Enterprise.
Asked by: Richard Peecock
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Hi Richard, We have a process in development that facilitates Client Account transfers that we have yet to fully test and deploy - but I can confirm that this is indeed possible. We achieved the result using a piece of software from Opes Consulting which enabled us to write our own integration with Elite using Microsoft .Net. The software basically allows us to replicate the back end 4GL calls made in Elite, which we simply bundled up in a DLL that is callable from Metastorm using the .Net Activator. If you have the skills in house to do this yourselves, you may wish to speak to Kevin Smith at OPES (http://www.opesconsulting.co.uk/), or alternatively you may be able to get Kevin to create you a bespoke Web Service to enable the transfers which you can then call from Metastorm. If I can be of any further assistance, please feel free to drop me a line on Linkedin. Regards, Stu
Posted by Stuart Chapman
Stu, Thanks for this - I'll get our IT team to follow-up & see where we stand. I don't get why there are no standard connectors from Elite for this type of posting - there must be many firms who would be interested. If we go ahead, would we be able to pay you a visit to see how it works with you? Cheers, Richard.
Hi Richard Elite have an in-house BPM solution - MatterSphere. www.mattersphere.com Please let me know if you like more information, I'd be happy to follow up further with you on this. Regards - Alister
Alister - thanks for the response, but we have already purchased Metastorm because we want to be able to use it for more than just Elite processes. What I need now is to try & fill the gap between sales pitch & reality concerning Elite transactional postings! Cheers, Richard.

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