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Has anyone heard of Leap Legal Software and, if so, do you know how well it works for small firms in the UK?

Firm of between 20 and 30 fee earners. Hoping to find out if changing systems to Leap with Xero has been effective for other firms; there is a lack of a testing site available.
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Hello, Although I work for LEAP I thought it might be helpful to provide a response. In answer to your question. LEAP's Practice Management Software has been developed and designed specifically with small law firms in mind and included within the software the matter types, contact types, legal forms and precedents are specific to the UK. If you haven't already had a chance to look at the software in action, I would be happy to arrange an online demonstration for you. This will provide a comprehensive picture of its capabilities whilst providing you with an opportunity to ask specific questions of particular interest to your practice. We also have a number of firms that currently use LEAP that we would be happy to provide by way of a reference if that would helpful. Please do not hesitate to email me (ben.aslet@leap.co.uk) to discuss any of the above in further detail. Regards, Ben
Posted by BenAslet

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