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Mature Entry

Hi Everyone, Is it possible to go into accounts as a mature entrant? I am in my late thirties and I have seven years experience in accounts, mostly in the public sector. I have a few months legal accounts experience but not very recent. I am going to finish my AAT hopefully by next summer and then I want to do the ILFM qualification as long as it will help me. Any help appreciated. Regards, Jayne
Asked by: Jayne Hogan
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Jayne Most law firms look for Accounts staff who already have a couple of years of legal accounts experience due to the complexities of the rules imposed on us by our regulator, the SRA. It would be a huge advantage for you to undertake training offered by the ILFM as they are recognised as the leading membership organisation for law firm accounts people. You would still be at a disadvantage to someone who has more practical experience of working in legal accounts for some time but you would be much better placed if you could at interview refer to such things as the need to avoid breaches of SRA Accounts Rule 20 (2) etc. to show you have an understanding. Finally, once you have established practical experience in legal accounts and you have got your ILFM qualification, you are made for life. Good legal accounts staff are hard to find as they don't move around much. Hope that helps Trevor
Posted by Trevor Dyer
Dear Trevor, Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your helpful advice. I am part way through my level four AAT and I have become a student member of the ILFM. I intend to complete the ILFM qualification after completing AAT. I am going to try the LSN networking events as well. Regards, Jayne Hogan

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