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Multi-Currency Accounting Package ?

I was wondering if anyone had any experience or had heard of an accounting system for a small firm that allows multi-currency in the true sense of the word, as in time can be recorded in different currencies and billed in different currencies as opposed to simply converting GBP amounts.
Asked by: Julie Reeves
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Julie, Xero is an excellent product. My consulting work sees me invoicing in multiple currencies and it is very easy, intuitive and well supported. It is an NZ product (so I am biased) but has made a big dent in the UK market. Our UK accountants really rate it.
Hi Julie. The DPS Financial Director accounts package seems to be what you are looking for. The system enables users to raise bills, record time, incur disbursements and then bill them back to a client in ANY currency. You can learn more about the product and its other features here-- > http://www.dpssoftware.co.uk/LegalAccounts.aspx. This is being used by small and large law firms across the country.
Tried Peppermint ? I hear they are multicurrency now.... and Timeslice

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