Balance Recruitment: Calling all revenue controllers

Having seen such high levels of change amongst the Revenue Control population in recent years, and with the role itself continuing to evolve in different directions from one firm to another, we felt this would be a good time to conduct some research and analysis in to this niche discipline.

Our aim is to produce an easily digestible, yet content-rich report, analysing the make-up of Revenue Control teams across the legal sector, and highlighting the challenges, evolution and performance of the modern day Revenue Controller role.

To help us in our research, all we’re asking for is around 5-6 minutes of your time to complete our survey, and if you could also share this with colleagues past/present working in Revenue Control it would be very much appreciated! Please rest assured - this survey is entirely confidential and anonymous. We do not need your name or employer details, and information supplied will be used solely for compiling market trend information. We aim to publish the report in mid-December! To take part in the survey please visit:

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