Briefing on: Alternative fee arrangements | Interview with Neil Kinsella, CEO of RJW

Briefing on pricing and AFAs

Covering the key business issues facing law firms, Briefing talks to everyone in business services and support about what's important to them in their careers in law firms.

Briefing on: Alternative fee arrangements

  • What models of alternative fee arrangements exist?
  • Which ones will work for your firms?
  • What do you need to know to offer them?
  • And how can you deliver them profitably?

This issue of Briefing on alternative fee arrangements brings you the answers to these and much more.

This issue's in-depth, independent editorial:

Exclusive interview with Neil Kinsella, CEO of Russell Jones & Walker on fixed fees, new modes of pricing and the financial controls and information firms need to deliver them.

Feature: an in-depth feature investigation into the new world of pricing – covering everything from value billing to fixed fees, success bonuses to payment in kind.

Analysis from those working with law firms, from IT to banking:

Aderant and Elite on how to deliver AFAs profitably and efficiently

Barclays Corporate on the financial control needed to offer AFAs

IntApp on why change is vital inside law firms to deliver new fees

Winscribe on using business process management to offer alternative fees

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