Career Legal Accounting - Salary & Market Report 2009

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This survey which includes a review of Salaries & Benefits has been provided by Career Legal.

Report Overview

The Market
The last twelve months have been a volatile time for recruiters. Number of hires has dropped, many recruitment businesses have closed and we have seen incomes cut.

It has been increasingly difficult to source good quality candidates as they have been reluctant to move due to uncertainties within the economy. This lack of confidence has restricted movement which has been a weakness for us to provide a large enough pool of candidates to clients. Candidates were simply not moving!

Although there have been redundancies of legal accounts staff and business support in general, the levels have not been as high as expected and this had an impact on candidate levels.

During the final quarter of last year we detected increased confidence with clients and staff alike and we have seen a slight upturn of vacancies and candidates registering. Many firms have and continue to recruit on an FTC basis to cover permanent vacancies.

Candidates are beginning to have more confidence in the economy and are looking to change jobs. We are confident that we will continue to see many more registrations.

We have a responsibility to give something back to the community and do our part to protect the world’s resources. Some of the initiatives we are involved with include: Heart of the City & City Action, Charity of the Year – 2010 Make a Wish Foundation, Recycling and other environmental initiatives.

Candidate Care
We are committed to providing a consistently high quality service to all our candidates and have written a charter as a guide to the levels of service that are important to us. This charter will be made available to candidates when we launch our new website.

As part of our candidate care programme we will incorporate into the new website a complaints procedure for candidates for the admittedly rare occasions that they have cause to complain.

Client Care
We have written a Service Level Agreement document for all recruiters. This outlines pre-determined levels of service for all clients to foster a closer, more informed and trusting partnership with our clients, it sets out clear guidelines as to levels of service.

It's fair to say that 2009 has been a year of highs and lows and a time of reflection and consolidation. Recruitment hit rock bottom and is now starting to recover. The main area of activity has been in general Revenue, especially Billers and Revenue Controllers. A number of firms have hired billers on FTCs as more business comes through their door. Top calibre billers are in short supply and firms are having to be more flexible when hiring.

Recruitment is expected to continue to increase along a slow growth curve.

We have spoken to many firms about their salary plans for the new financial year, with the majority reporting that they have no plans to increase salaries for business support staff. Some of them are reviewing or implementing performance related bonuses for staff who are affected by pay freezes.

Download a pdf of the complete survey below.

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