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Anyone know about the ILFM qualification, home learning?

Hello everyone. I have been given advice to start my ILFM qualifcation instead of an ACCA/ACCT etc. I have worked in a law firm now for just over a year. I would like to start a qualification however, cannot find anywhere online that supports the ILFM in home learning. I work long hours in the city, therefore, it would be impossible for me to come home for a night college. Could anyone give me any help or guidance towards somewhere that does this? Thanks, Steph.
Asked by: Stephanie-Jane Webb
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Hi Stephanie, My understanding is that the ILFM qualification is a home learning course. You are given a maximum of 18 months to complete the studies and sit an exam. Please find the link below to the course information: http://www.ilfm.org.uk/TRAINING/TRAININGSYLLABUS/DIPLOMACOURSE/tabid/184... I hope this helps. Kind regards, Daniel Cumberworth
Hi Stephanie Just to confirm Daniel's response, the ILFM Diploma is a long distance learning course which should be completed within 18 months, with a final exam. The course is online, once you have signed up for the course you will be given access to the course material. You then login and print off the first tutorial along with some initial information, such as the guidelines and contents. Within each tutorial you will have an assignment to complete. You email or post the assignment to me once it is complete and I will mark and feedback any areas where you may have misunderstood or made a mistake. I also provide the model answer. There are 15 tutorials and it is suggested that study time is around 2-4 hours for each tutorial. I would also suggest you allow time for revision, this can vary depending on how confident and how well you feel you have retained the information gained through the course. Once you have completed the assignments, there is a sample exam paper for you to complete. This should help with your revision. You also get the answer sheets so you can refer to them and mark your own work, this should highlight any areas for further study. Your overall mark would be gained from completing the exam paper. So your assignment marks don’t have any bearing on your overall mark. You need to gain 50% in each section of the exam, section A and section B to pass the exam. The exams are held two times per year, Spring (April/May) and Autumn (Oct/Nov). You would be required to become a member of the ILFM, the standard membership is £88.00 per year. On top of this figure you would be required to pay the relevant diploma course fee. There are a range of packages for the Diploma course and this information can be found on our website, link below. http://ilfm.org.uk/TRAINING/TRAININGSYLLABUS/DIPLOMACOURSE/tabid/184/Def... I hope that helps. Many thanks Daniel for also providing this information. Kind regards James Wright, Head of Training, ILFM
I think you will find it is a home learning course only i.e. you do it at home and you have a tutor that you work with via email. This is fine for some but does not suit all learning needs. I have a very good Cashier who failed through their course of study but has completed AAT to a high level plus attended specific Legal Accounts courses.
Thanks Caroline, What Legal Accounts courses were they? I would like to do as much as possible. Thanks

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