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Having spent all my working life in the Royal Navy and seeing some potential job interview questions would this hinder me at all

I am leaving the armed forces after 22 years next September and starting to prep myself for working as a Legal secretary (currently my job within Naval Legal Services). I have looked at interview questions on line the only thing I have to compere with is Service Life. Would companies deem this as bringing another dimension to the table or consider it a hindarance
Asked by: peter hilborne
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Hi Peter, I am not sure how it will be viewed that you have spent 22 years of your working life in the Navy before going into commerce. However, one piece of advice I have been given whilst looking for work is to make use of books offering careers advice (either general or tailored to your industry). Not all careers books that you can buy are any good and it is a good idea to ask people whose opinion you can trust for recommendations. One book which I sm working my way through that seems quite good is Put Your Mindset To Work by James Reed. This approach might give you some insight into interview preparation and insider tips on how to get on in the business world. I hope this helps. Regards, Jayne Hogan
Hi Peter, having spent a few years in the RN Reserve I can guess a little what Naval Legal Services may be like and how it might be different to law firm work I would recommend thinking about how you have learnt to deal with lawyers, legal situations, office life and team work in general. While few people are completely stereotypical, there are often enough similarities between people in similar roles to be useful in helping you describe and adapt your skills. Many law firms have an inforrmal culture these days but hierarchy underpins a lot of corporate politics so your familiarity with chains of command should be an asset. Think also about the types of legal work the lawyers you supported most recently with did eg litigation, employment. You may find it easier to relate your expereince to the job requirements for these roles. Firms with a sector focus on defence could also be beneficial as you may be more familiar with jargon than secretaries with only law firm experience . This is taboo but still very few secretaries in law firms are male. Your gender could be a real selling point or firms may feel you fit a slightly different support role/job title. Your long experience should also be an asset which may mean firms feel able to use. You may need to be flexible about the role specifics. All the best in the search. Megan
Peter, i had a few years in the mob, number 1, well done for doing your time! 2. be prepared for some massive psychological changes! Civvies are harder to understand! Ze Mateloes have an advantage in that they say what they mean, and mean what they say! they're also unpolitical which saves a lot of energy! Just remember you've been part of the cream of Her Majesty's forces, and that you're still young enough to have a second career. My feeling is that you'll be snapped up by one of the big five, have confidence my old mate! kind regards, Nobby Clark

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