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How do people manage their linked/related matters? How do you ensure matters are not missed or linked to the wrong lead matter?

By linked/related I mean the matters that are linked together pointing to a 'lead matter' and time is recorded totally separately on each matter but when it comes to billing they are billed together (for example - a project that spans different practice areas). The two problems that can arise are that people either don’t link their matter to the group at all or they link to the wrong matter in the group (not the lead matter), in both cases we risk losing that time. Any good ideas out there?
Asked by: Lydia Austerfield
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Hi Lydia I would suggest that it may be your internal processes that could help with this. Where we know we are likely to be instructed on many matters we try and ensure the same person opens the matters and then they can follow a laid down note of requirements. Otherwise where you have a new group matter coming in could you set up a new master matter no and open everything under there, with perhaps a note at the end of the client name eg Joe Bloggs (widget matters)?
Posted by Susan Rowson
I might be able to give you some ideas. May I ask what billing system you are using?
Hello Lee - many thanks for responding. We use Elite Enterprise 3.8

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