FREE Networking masterclass with Mark De Stadler

Are you coming to the London networking event on Monday 14 November? New to Legal Support Network events? Nervous about networking? Don't know how to break the ice at professional events?

Come along to our FREE networking masterclass before the main event kicks off and learn all about becoming a confident, effective networker, talking to a new group of people and keeping in contact after the event; presented by a member of Dale Carnegie Training, Mark de Stadler.

In Mark's own words "It has been said many times in business that if you have contacts in business, you've got it made. Certainly, the names and numbers of the right people are critical, but today, with such a wide range of available database information, it is easy to know who to call. The real question underscoring success is not who do you know, but who wants to know you. Some people talk about how important it is to build a large database of business contacts, but what they are missing is that it is more important for people to want us in their database."




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Event Details

Date:14 November 2016
Time:5:15pm - 6:00pm
Location:The Anthologist, 58 Gresham St, London EC2V 7BB