HR reacts to referendum vote

Practitioners emphasise need to support EU employees; most fear impact on morale and lack information to make decisions, says poll

As the political and economic fallout from the UK’s referendum decision to leave the European Union continues, HR professionals have been sharing their reactions to the news – and beginning to assess their own priorities as the questions come in thick and fast from business leaders as well as employees.

Neil Morrison, group HR director of Penguin Random House and winner of the PM Power List of HR social media users, said relying on information was vital: “The first thing HR professionals should do is rise above the rhetoric. At the moment, everyone is just guessing what is going to happen, so the first thing we need to do is be really clear about what has changed and what hasn’t.

“For many, the immediate response will be to understand what is happening to their businesses, because of the financial markets. A second step will be to reassure colleagues that they always were and always will be an inclusive business, and will welcome talented people from every corner of the earth.”


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