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With the introduction of specialist document production hubs, the removal of more procedural administration and technological advances, the role of the PA is changing. Fee earners too are adapting to a changing landscape and competing demands on their time. They need support from PAs who can anticipate issues or opportunities, and provide the right support.
PAs should be an asset in a law firm, helping fee earners to access services, keeping abreast of client developments, and managing meetings and diaries. This, in turn, enables the fee earners to improve their service to clients.
In order to ensure that our PAs have the skills they need to operate effectively and meet the changing needs of the modern law firm, Intelligent Office is rolling out a comprehensive PA training programme.
Chief Executive Rachel McCorry says: “Training for law firm PAs tends to focus on technical skills like Word or PowerPoint proficiency. While these skills are essential, we expect more from Intelligent Office PAs.
“Our new PA training programme covers delegation, time management, diary management, arranging meetings and note taking, email etiquette, event management and travel management. It up-skills our PAs so they can be proactive, adding value to the fee earners they work with and to the firm as a whole.”
One PA attendee said: “The approach to PA training by Intelligent Office is focused and interactive. The training proved that no matter how experienced you are, you can learn something new. Everyone came away from each session having learned something new, ensuring that they perform to their maximum potential.”
In the Intelligent Office model for administrative and support services, the PA plays a critical role in coordinating other outsourced services, marshalling all the support at her disposal to deliver a great service to her fee earners.
PAs liaise with the First Impression team to prepare hospitality and IT/AV support for client meetings and events. They manage the relationship with the Document Production team – on site or via our onshore shared services centres in Scotland – Floor Support for local administrative tasks and filing, and Docucentre for bulk reprographics, bundling and bible creation.
Unencumbered by document production and general administrative tasks, our PAs handle a range of higher value tasks, including running events and seminars, supporting client relationships, project management, research, chargeable work and orchestrating other administrative services.
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