Legal IT Landscapes 2011 Top 100 firms report

Legal IT people on the challenges facing law firms today

LSN's first research report, in conjunction with Legal IT Professionals

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legalsupportnetwork's first report, in association with Legal IT Professionals, covers some of the key technology issues facing law firms in 2011:

  • Social media use in law firms for knowledge sharing and collaboration
  • Tablet computers in law firms: Fad, or finally here to stay?
  • What’s stopping law firms from moving into the cloud?
  • Business intelligence: Now the norm, or still just for the ‘clever’ firms?
  • Document management: Is SharePoint finally ready to take on the world?
  • Changing up to Windows 7 and Office 2010: Challenges and opportunities
  • Legal IT people: How do they feel about their role, and is it valued?

We surveyed 712 legal IT people across the world about all issues above - gaining mainly the views of those in the UK and US - and the results will be interesting to both legal IT people and companies serving the legal IT community alike.

Across 26 pages of insightful, well-researched content we can reveal:

  • How UK and US firms differ in the adoption of business intelligence tools
  • Which legal IT roles feel most confident about their department's status
  • What legal IT people think of the future of tablet computers and social media in law firms
  • What IT people in law firms really think about Microsoft SharePoint, in all sizes of firm
  • What challenges IT people see in moving to the cloud

And much more.

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