LPM magazine, December 2014 – From here to Clementi


A decade of difference

Did the Legal Services Act really reformat the law business? Or could the recession have done just as good a job on its own? And how has the LSA lived up to the Clementi report's goals? Find out in this month's issue.

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What's in this month's issue?

Feature: LPM looks back at the 10 years since Clementi, and where the LSA has succeeded, and where it's failed. Plus we poll the LPM audience as you score its success – with views from Professor Stephen Mayson, Sir Alan Beith and law firm leaders at Royds and Keystone Law

Law Firm Profile: CEO Andy Duxbury of north-west firm Aaron & Partners talks growth in a competitive market, forward-thinking in all areas of the business – and taking on the big cities with strategic nous.

The columnists: Richard Hill, practice director at Stepien Lake, makes the case for escrow in legal; Glyn Morris, finance director at Higgs & Sons, on strengthening the relationship with your bank; Jitendra Valera of Advanced Legal, on committing only to the right tech provider; and Janine Parker of Paragon rounds up a lively year in legal insurance.

In practice: Barry Davies of Douglas-Jones Mercer reviews Get Sh*t Done – a book of inspirational quotes for innovative businesses; HR Agony Aunt Polly Jeanneret talks the highs and lows of 2014 – and the awkward bonus question; Your View on life after Craig Holt at QualitySolicitors – and where the high street contender goes now; plus our monthly recap of the news, reports and research that matter.

Industry views: John Banister of Wiggin on developing the business with e-know.net managed desktop; and Nick Ellin of MacDonald Oates on wiping the tech slate clean with DPS.

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