Purple Skies video: How to brainstorm new career options

At a cross roads and not sure what your career options are? When I am working with clients some of them are not sure what options they have available to them. They are confused and overwhelmed. Sometimes only one option can appear to be the only answer but most often there are other choices too. There are various sources out there to give you inspiration, however this post is about asking you questions to get you thinking.

For example, if you wanted to read something to give you some ideas, Kathy Caprino, a career coach, wrote this piece on Forbes. 

Brainstorming career options

However, I want you to think about what is possible for you. To think about your strengths and things you enjoy. Start to explore what is available to you. What resources are available to help you come up with more options? What resources are available to help with options you have already thought about? Keep asking yourself, what else.

Also jot down what you like and enjoy. Think about your strengths, the things you are naturally good at. Remind yourself of what this is. Are there ways you can use your strengths to help you with your options? If you need help in working out what your strengths are click here for my previous post about strengths.

Additionally, review what you have enjoyed, what you love doing and can continue doing for hours on end. When you are doing this, you totally forget about time and you consume yourself with the activity. Do your interests provide further ideas to explore?

Similarly, what about your skill set? What are the things you have learnt and mastered? Can you apply these to other options? Does they provide you with further options?

Nevertheless there is another question I want to ask, but I feel it’s better to say it rather than write it. So have a look at the video to hear this question. It isn’t your run of the mill question either, so watch the video without any preconceptions.

And finally, think about who can help you with your career options. You will always have people around you ready to listen. Friends and family that will want to provide support. Contacts to call up to run ideas and thoughts past them. You can also get in contact with a professional development coach like me. Where I can ask challenging questions and listen to your answers to help you come up with your options.


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