Purple Skies video: Seven ways to help you cope with starting afresh

There are many factors that can put people into a position of ‘starting afresh’. Whether its redundancy, new job, or getting a promotion they are all triggers of having the opportunity to start afresh. When we want to start afresh we may not know what our options are but starting afresh can be scary.

However, when you do start afresh for whatever reason it’s always tricky. You can feel apprehensive and start questioning yourself. Self-doubt creeps in and those internal negative thoughts become louder and louder.  Here are 7 ways to help you cope with starting afresh.

1. Srarting afresh with a positive attitude

When starting afresh it’s no good entering into a new venture with a negative mind-set. Head into it with positivity and lots of self-belief. If you think you’re going to fail you will. If you think you are no good then you will be rubbish. Believe that you will start your new job or venture with the belief it will go well. Believe you can do it and you will succeed. You were chosen to do the job because the employer believes you can, so show them they are right. They are investing in you every month so show them the value they get in return. Strive to be the best because that is what everyone wants to see. As Seth Godin says in “The Dip”

“The world celebrate superstars”

So be number one and be the superstar in your new venture.

2. Faced with fear of failure

Don’t be afraid to fail. We all make mistakes at some stage. All the best entrepreneurs have failed at something. They didn’t get to where they are overnight. They had to persevere and be consistent. The fear of failure is just telling us we are pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone. It’s your internal dialog wanting to keep you safe and not to take risks. Human nature is to be wary of taking risks so we continually tell ourselves to be safe and secure. But sometimes taking a risk and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones allows us to explore other opportunities. It can also present new options.

3. Perseverance 

It’s good to persevere. To push through “The Dip” as Seth Godin describes it. Whilst pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and working through the period of uneasiness you will come out the other end. Plus you will come out the other end all the better for it. Do you remember the last time you were in an uneasy situation? It doesn’t last forever does it? It can be hard when you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel but have faith and trust yourself you will succeed.

4. Consistency 

This is something that has taken me a long time to get to grips with. Not only do you need to do it in business but also in your career. Being consistent means you build trust and relationships. Being consistent means acting and talking the same way when you speak to people or when in meetings. Also ensuring your decision making is consistent in order to show others your values and beliefs. All these things demonstrate to people you can be trusted, they know what to expect.

5. Change

From the book with the same name, as the author says:

“What got you here won’t get you there.” Marshall Goldsmith

So you need to always be willing to change and look forwards. In order to progress either in our jobs or in ourselves we need to accept change or change ourselves. Either way approach it with an open mind rather than persecute the change itself.

6. Taking risks 

Your new job or venture may feel like a risk. It’s possible a big jump or change into the unknown and totally pushed you out of your comfort zone. But this is when you will develop and grow. It’s a time when you learn new skills, keep your brain engaged and discover new things about yourself. Watch this video about the risk I took and what I learnt about myself.

7. Know your strengths

Going into a new job role knowing and understanding your strengths is like going into war with ammunition. Some may say that’s over the top and quite negative, but for others the new situation can feel like they are just about to enter a battle. It feels that huge they need to know they have something to protect them. Understanding and using your strengths in your new venture will help you deal with situations as they arise. Knowing what your good at will help you excel and demonstrate your value. Earlier we talked about your employer making an investment in you every month so you need to show them the value you bring. You can use this one element to show that value. Therefore you are using your strengths to take things forward and do the job they have asked you to do.

Finally, the seven ways to help cope with starting afresh just scratch the surface. There are many ways and we are all different. We all deal with things differently and what works for one wont work for another. However, we all need help with change no matter who we are and the situation. That is why we belong to communities and groups. As human beings we crave human interaction, what ever our personality type. 

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