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Am looking for alternatives to MBA to achieve more legal centric broad-based HR/Marketing/Management qualifications?

I have moved into management with a background in fee earning. I would like to support my on the ground training with more formal qualifications to consolidate knowledge. There seems to be well regarded qualifications in HR or Marketing or Management/Operations but nothing that provides for some or all of these areas- the alternative being an non legal MBA. Would appreciate advice as to best way forward.
Asked by: Nadia Biles Davies
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Hi Nadia, A non-legal MBA would be an option. I would assume you'd need to do one part-time or by distance learning, in which case look at the offerings from the OU or Leicester. I would ask you this though. Why the desire to concentrate the skills in one person? You could easily hire in a retired CA one day a week to handle financial strategy and a marketer (I could recommend some to you) one day a week for that. You'll learn more off them than is of direct use to you than you probably will from an MBA. (I have taught on a good MBA and mentored grad school business students - all Russell group). A lot of MBAs frankly aren't going to give you more than a piece of paper. The sensible place to start is to run a skills audit in the practice and work out what skills are lacking and then to prioritise them. Don't think you have to spend megabucks to buy in experienced quality talent... a lot of us semi-retired types go for the challenge first, then the income. Law firms are not complex beasts (although their owners are!). When I retired (I am a CA), I worked for a firm - effectively as FD- about your size. That took a day a week. One day a week I did chargeable time. The result was they got the first sorted out for less than nothing in terms of net cost. A lot cheaper than an MBA!

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