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Can you tell me about your format for IT induction - how much is classroom based and how much is E-learning?

How long does the IT induction last? Is it a blended learning approach - What percentage is classroom based and E-learning Do delegates receive pre-course work before they arrive at the firm in connection with IT Training?
Asked by: Jane Dobson
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Hi Jane we have a series of "60 second" series which cover our document mangement system, spam filtering, Outlook, and various other topics which are sent to new joiners by way of induction on day one with a manual covering much of the same. On day two (generally time permitting on both sides) a one to one session with myself (IT Manager) to cover the topics in more detail if required and to answer any questions. The 60 second series are developed in house by one of our IT Managers in LA using Adobe Elements I believe. You are welcome to take a look any time. Thx A

Hi Annette Many thanks for your very helpful response. I am interested in seeing the 60 second series you refer to. Let me know if it is possible to see examples of these Kind regards Jane

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