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How are firms dealing with the technological challenges of an increasing number of staff working from home?

In particular remote support, and the provision of equipment at the user's home. Or do they use their own equipment? Are H&S assessments required?
Asked by: Ste Hodgson
Tags: work from home, remote working
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We use a combination of citrix (log onto either their own machine in the office or a site desktop) and VPN for people to access our facilities from home. My preference is VPN as you can use your laptop/pc as though you are physically on the businesses network.

We allow people to use their own computers and we use LogMeInRescue for remote support and have not had any issues (https://secure.logmeinrescue.com/UK)

As a service provider, we are seeing far more adoption of BYOD coupled with Application or Desktop virtualisation - as mentioned by Damien above. Citrix logmein is again an ideal solution should you wish/need to provide support to the end user, particularly in the remote user scenario.

Managed Services with the adoption of Hosted Application / VDi is also a very hot topic and one in which we have seen the biggest take up. Clients are buying into the service benefits which of course includes support together with the core infrastructure, licensing and security overheads removed and packaged into a service model.

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