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Pro-rata Bank Holiday benefit for part-timers

Does your firm recalculate the pro-rata benefit each year i.e depending on working patterns and when the 3 'floating' Bank Holidays fall? We currently give part-time employees the same number of additional days (if applicable) each year, using a calculation for the 5 fixed and 3 floating days. This may be to their advantage in some years and to the firm's advantage in others.
Asked by: Anne-Marie O'Hagan
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We recalculate the pro-rata benefit each year to ensure that it's fair for everyone - it's manageable, as we don't have too many part-time staff working less than 5 days per week. I can see that in a larger organisation, that might not be practicable.
This is an issue for many of our clients and they use our SelectHR solution to automate the calculation using either the 'exact' method which maps their working pattern against the public holidays for the current holiday year and pro-rates their public holiday entitlement, making an addition (or deduction) to their total. Although this is the most accurate calculation it is also possible to use the 'simple' method of multipling the individual's FTE (full time equivalent) by the total number of public holidays in the year and adjusting thereof.

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