Intelligent Office launches Chronos providing 'offsite insight' into support function

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, law firms have experienced unprecedented upheavals transitioning from a traditional to a virtual environment, almost overnight. Today, 74% of their administrative support teams are working from home placing a strain on firms trying to measure and manage productivity.

According to research by Sandpiper Partners, 66% of support staff say productivity is challenging when working from home. 77% of firms have also identified targets to reduce the costs associated with back office and administrative functions.

Intelligent Office – the UK’s leading provider of support services to the legal sector – has announced a productivity measurement tool to inform decisions that optimise efficiency.

Introducing Chronos

Chronos is described as the smart way to analyse and identify support function effectiveness by providing invaluable ‘offsite insight’. By offering granular, real-time data analytics, it captures a detailed snapshot of employee activities to give managers a comprehensive overview.

“In this way,” explains CEO, Rachel McCorry, “Chronos makes it easier to match capacity with demand, streamline decision-making and optimise efficiencies throughout the firm.”

Chronos also offers customisable branding, so you can add your firm’s logo to the software display. Categories and tasks can be tailored to match terminology and requirements, all participants have a unique and secure login, while management teams are designated admin rights.

To help firms onboard the software quickly and smoothly, bespoke guides are provided along with a Helpdesk to handle technical queries.

Unlocking invaluable metrics beyond lockdown

Even as the COVID-19 crisis lessens, Intelligent Office believes that data analytics will continue to empower firms to improve productivity – regardless of where staff are working. These insights will not only help firms allocate resource more efficiently but will unlock further value by revealing how some support functions should be centralised. Almost 60% of all law firms are planning to centralise, with 76% focussing on administrative support. Time and data will reveal more.

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