Trend for multilingual switchboard

ComXo, leading switchboard provider to Top 100 UK legal firms, is going multilingual.

With 25 years of experience in the legal sector, ComXo is always monitoring trends developing in the market. More recently the trend has been not only to outsource business services nationally, but for outsourced suppliers to provide UK based support for businesses across Europe. A recent study, published in the FT in late August might explain why; Britain’s labour costs have dropped below the average Eurozone wages. 

As well as wages and bonuses, the figures included non-wage costs such as employers’ social contributions, which are lower in the UK than in many other parts of Europe. Michael Saunders, an economist at Citi, said. “The UK by western European standards is a relatively low cost country, so when international firms are choosing where to site staff, they’ll put them in the UK.”

Being based in the Thames Valley, an international expat haven, ComXo is particularly well placed to access a large pool of enthusiastic, multi-lingual staff to fulfil the high quality standard that is required to provide international switchboard services to any top international law firm.

From early 2015 ComXo will be offering German and French language operators, followed by Spanish and Mandarin later in the year. If your operation is going global and you might have multilingual requirements, please get in touch with or just fill in the form here.

Visit the ComXo networkpartner page.

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