Are Lawyers Early Adopters? A study identifying how lawyers use technology

Rupert White Posted By Rupert White
from Burlington Media Group

This is a survey which measures the receptiveness (or not) of lawyers to technological innovation. When the consumers of legal services - ordinary people, not corporate clients - think of a 'solicitor' the image that presents itself is of a pin-striped lawyer in some a fusty old office on the high street, sitting on the far side of a large wooden desk with a telephone, book-lined walls behind him. It is a largely unfair image straight out of the last century, as this report suggests. The profession is as wide and diverse as any other. This report reflects that breadth drawing on respondents from the Magic Circle firm in the City with a worldwide network of offices to the one-man band sole practitioners on the High Street... and all points in between.

This report broadly asks lawyers about their relationship with the new breed of technology - smartphones, mobile applications, eBooks and the like - which make access to information and advice instant for both lawyers and their clients. It also creates expectations on the part of clients and fellow professionals about the speed of response of lawyers.

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