CB Resourcing launches consulting

We are delighted to announce Maribeth Eisenmann is joining CB Resourcing as an Associate Consultant. This brings a new capability for us to deliver projects and training for our clients.

Typical projects will include:

  • Research skills training for both fee earners and research teams
  • Knowledge services benchmarking
  • Industry surveys
  • Knowledge Management best practice

Maribeth Eisenmann

Associated Consultant, CB Resourcing

With nearly 30 years as a information professional, Maribeth has broad experience as a learning manager and global lead for research and knowledge teams, librarian, taxonomist and business researcher. She has designed and delivered programs to drive development of information professionals and to instruct end users to effectively use research resources and tools. Maribeth has worked extensively with global teams and has a deep understanding of challenges and opportunities within the professional services environment.

Maribeth has an M.L.I.S from University of California, Berkeley.

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