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This article was originally featured in the Briefing April 2017 report: The new recruiting, download the full report here

On 14 March, resourcing heads and HR directors from 19 of the UK’s top 50 firms and one of the Big Four accountancy firms, gathered for a roundtable discussion on the results of Legal Support Network’s recruitment survey. We very much enjoyed being part of a fascinating session.

The overriding impression we gained is that legal recruitment can be a rather imprecise science. The wide net cast through advertising, and the amount of time spent on LinkedIn, coupled with uninvited interjections by recruiters and hiring managers, creates huge amounts of work for recruitment teams – without necessarily leading to a solution.

Codex Edge offers precise candidate pools from the start of our service. Once you’ve approved the selection, we establish which candidates would be interested in speaking to you now, or at any time in the future.

The hiring manager’s urge to engage in processes with ‘maybe’ candidates can only be reduced by access to a reliable pipeline of ‘definitely’ ones. One attendee said the rough annual cost in lost partner time spent on interview processes “that led nowhere” exceeded £1m. Stakeholder engagement, we were told, is driven by trust in process – and lawyers are persuaded by facts. A pre-approved and visible pipeline of candidates meets this need.

There was a time when advertising solutions worked – large recruitment businesses were built on such solutions. Social media platforms like LinkedIn seemed to be a panacea, and indeed, we know it can be effective. However, our research shows that only 75% of solicitors have profiles – and at least a quarter of these don’t cite their practice areas, preventing appropriate filtration and further limiting the accessible talent pool.

There’s a real need to drive efficiencies and savings through a focus on targeting the best possible candidates at the start of every process. We also know from years of search experience that contacting candidates who are already seen as appropriate by the firm leads to a far greater degree of engagement than an unguided, speculative approach. Getting appropriate candidates into your pipeline early limits the risk that they will already have been contacted by recruiters following a published advert by the time you want to speak to them.

Possessing qualified leads for each role empowers your recruitment team. They can control the timing and nature of the message, both to the market and to the individual. On a larger scale, we can set up an entire pipeline of talent and PQE pools for you – creating swift and predictable hiring solutions year round. We offer the advantages of a search and selection process, with no recruitment fees.

Codex Edge is a highly specialised sourcing solution that was specifically developed to allow fee earner recruitment to become predictable, economical and controllable, and it is only available to private practice firms. 

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