HighQ Case study:

Hanneke Schobbers-Lamers, knowledge manager at Boels Zanders, outlines how HighQ Collaborate has helped the law firm improve operations and collaboration both for their clients and employees. With offices in Maastricht, Venlo and Eindhoven, and more than 70 attorneys, Boels Zanders offers wide ranging services on a national and international level. Clients value Boels Zanders for its service, open communication, vision, reliability, its approach to solve critical problems, and its sector knowledge.

The challenge: Selecting the right provider

Back in 2013, Boels Zanders wasn’t set up on any collaboration platforms. When a client requested it, this development gained momentum, and Boels Zanders started to explore the possibilities for such a system.

Hanneke Schobbers-Lamers, knowledge manager at Boels Zanders, described how the discussion of a collaboration platform first came about: “We first started looking at collaboration platforms due to a client who had specific needs. However it became quite clear that in the future, the demands would increase for a platform such as this. So we wanted to select a system as broad as possible. We looked at three potential collaboration providers.”

Hanneke would first come to hear about HighQ during a meeting with other law firms in the Netherlands. “When I came back to the office the next day, I discussed the possibilities of HighQ with our IT manager. It turned out he already knew about their products. We decided to invite HighQ for a demonstration, so we could see if the system would offer what we were looking
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