HighQ case study: Chapman and Cutler


Michael Nogroski, Director of Knowledge Management, and Angie Massani, Project Manager, explain how Chapman and Cutler use HighQ Collaborate to provide simple access to closing sets, manage transactional deals, and provide portfolio matter management to clients.

Chapman and Cutler is a Chicago-based law firm with 235 attorneys in offices across the United States.

The challenge: Adding collaboration to document management

Chapman and Cutler sought a suite of collaboration features that could supplement their in-house document management system. Michael Nogroski, Director of Knowledge Management at the firm, explained the problem with their legacy system for sharing documents: “Our previous system for sharing documents online with clients lacked features. We couldn’t customise it to the full extent that our attorneys and clients wanted and we couldn’t expand collaboration concepts beyond basic document distribution. It also lacked the depth of tracking and usage analytics that administrators needed, and meant that we had to go through our IT department for everything.”

Nogroski knew what he was looking for from the outset. “Based on our current needs we wanted a collaboration platform that we didn’t have to build ourselves. I’ve dealt with other collaboration platforms in the past, mainly SharePoint, so I’m aware of how much time and energy is required in setting in-house systems up and maintaining them.”

“At Chapman and Cutler we were looking to find a system that could get us to where we needed to be right away rather than having to build our own,” he said.


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