HighQ case study: Corporate legal


The bank’s Head of Knowledge Management (KM) explains why the company chose HighQ Collaborate and how the system enables his department to revolutionise internal collaboration and strengthen relationships with its legal panel firms. The client is the legal department of a multinational bank and financial services firm that provides support and legislative oversight to the company’s banking and retail departments.

The challenge: Connecting thousands of lawyers across jurisdictions

With more than 1,000 people in the in-house legal team, HighQ’s client is a massive organisation with lawyers across many jurisdictions. The client’s Head of KM explains how the organisation struggled with information silos: “In our legacy intranet we had separate domains for different teams, which meant that knowledge was siloed across the business. Certain teams couldn’t access other teams’ intranet sites, and even our central database wasn’t accessible to all users globally.”

The company sought a solution that could be a central point of access for every person within the organisation. “HighQ Collaborate appealed to me because it is globally accessible,” the Head of KM explains. “Unlike our existing on premise solutions like Sharepoint, HighQ Collaborate is cloud-based so the same information can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. This was really important to us as we are a global organisation working with teams across a universal bank and external law firms in multiple jurisdictions.”


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