HighQ case study: MiCLU


MiCLU: connecting experts and changing lives. Tom Southerden, Legal and Research Officer at MiCLU, explains how the charity uses HighQ Collaborate to share expertise and structure their work to help the organisation stay innovative.

The Migrant and Refugee Children’s Legal Unit (MiCLU) is a specialist legal and policy hub bringing together experienced immigration and asylum lawyers to work on the cases of separated migrant and refugee children in the UK.

The challenge: connecting multiple parties

MiCLU connects with numerous lawyers, specialists and external organisations to research each case or subject area and to meet the needs of each client. The charity sought a system that would make communicating and sharing knowledge with multiple external parties easier.

Tom Southerden, Legal and Research Officer, explains, “For every case there are multiple issues that affect all aspects of these children’s lives. Our work extends beyond immigration issues to other specialist areas, such as housing, education social welfare law. This means we often work with other NGOs and charities who specialise in these areas, so we needed a way of connecting these parties together.”

Previously, MiCLU did not have a system in place to help them with this, as Tom explains, “We coordinated our work through phone calls and emails, which was difficult to manage as we work with so many different parties for each case. We wanted a more effective and centralised method to help us structure collaboration with external partners, and to improve our internal working practices too.”

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