iManage webinar: Using practical AI to transform your firm

Digital transformation is currently front of mind for many professional service firms. What this means and how to get there is not always so straight forward.

Within this webinar we will discuss strategies to help your firm implement practical AI solutions to serve client needs in innovative and cost-efficient ways. We will discuss:

  • What does Digital Transformation really mean to businesses heavily governed by regulation, contractual relationships and legal agreements?
  • Understanding your documents’ hidden value
  • The three steps to digital transformation:
    • Locate, categorize & create value
    • Identify, quantify and understand
    • Fuel a platform of AI enabled digital innovation for your business
  • Real life use cases; Delivering tangible ROI with iManage RAVN

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Event Details

Date:6 December 2018
Time:4:00pm - 5:00pm
Location:Your desk