A New Focus workshop: the equation has shifted - clients now hold the power

We understand that you are competing in a much tougher climate than ever before; the role of the trusted advisor both internally and externally has changed significantly. Competition now not only comes from other law firms but also from your peers inside of your firm.

Join PCA Law and ourselves for a half day workshop where we will provide you with actionable insight to help you outmanoeuvre even the strongest competitor.

During our time we will explore:

  • How can you personally play a central role in being the architect of innovation within your organisation?
  • How can you use the Trust Equation to better understand how to drive internal engagement and influence your key stakeholders?
  • What type of listening is required to ensure your transformation projects are fit for purpose, both internally and externally?
  • How can you build and deepen client trust in an era where law firm churn and frequent panel reviews seem ever more common?
  • How can technology enable you to respond to the needs/wants of your clients?

The forum is designed in a way to ensure that you can take practical conclusions back to your firms. We do hope you can join us.

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Event Details

Date:20 June 2018
Time:9:00am - 12:30pm
Location:Devere Holborn Bars
138-142 Holborn