Another seven firms pick up Aderant Handshake

Growing realization that big data can increase efficiency and profitability spurs law firms toward effective knowledge management solution.

Aderant is pleased to announce that seven more law firms have chosen Aderant Handshake for their knowledge management and intranet solution. As firms recognize that the effective use of data can have a profound impact on efficiency and profitability, investments like Handshake have become essential tools to harness data for easy, firmwide access. The seven firms that have added Handshake are:

• Blank Rome LLP
• Williams Kastner
• Gray Reed & McCraw LLP
• Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP
• DMH Stallard LLP
• Sacker & Partners, LLP
• Goldberg Segalla, LLP

“Sackers is developing a state-of-the-art, lawyer-centric intranet and saw Aderant Handshake as the key partner to join all of our data sources,” said Danny O’Connor, Sackers head of IT. “By giving the lawyers a view of all their firm data in once place we will enable greater efficiency and transparency.”

“Technology is sometimes viewed as a luxury that, at best, can make our lives easier,” said Glenn LaForce, vice president of knowledge management of Aderant. “But when we show firms how Handshake can drive more revenue and increase profitability, it changes from being thought of as a luxury to a necessity. We look forward to working with these seven firms to harness their data and enable their lawyers.”

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