Prüfer & Partner chooses HighQ Collaborate for secure file sharing and improved collaboration

Prüfer & Partner, one of the leading legal firms in the field of intellectual property, has chosen HighQ Collaborate for secure file sharing and improved collaboration.

Andreas Schmid, Patent Attorney at Prüfer & Partner, explains that before HighQ, the German law firm had yet to find a suitable platform: “We had a very simple and not very professional platform, but it wasn’t really accepted by anyone within the company. We rarely used it.”

It wasn’t long before the firm realised they needed a new solution. “We wanted to look for a more professional platform that allowed us to easily exchange a lot of data, without severe limitations to our usability, data traffic and more,” says Andreas. “We knew about HighQ from previously working at another one of their law firm clients. At the time however, it was only used for file sharing.”

Andreas claims that the firm’s choice was a very easy one to make. “We decided to go with HighQ Collaborate because it’s very simple to use. We don’t need to read a manual to operate the platform. It’s easy to use for both administering the platform, and for our clients. If our clients want to access the platform but have to read a manual and struggle to understand it, they just won’t use it. We tried some other platforms, but they were horribly difficult to use. So we abandoned them and decided to go for HighQ Collaborate.”

Integrating HighQ Collaborate into our working practices has gone smoothly so far, as Andreas explained: “Our experience with HighQ staff has been very good. The platform is running without any problems and is a very professional tool. Especially, for instance, if you try to hide some documents for a specific user group, that works really well and without any problems. We’re nicely set up and running properly.”

The future, according to Andreas, looks very bright for Prüfer & Partner and its relationship with HighQ Collaborate. “Moving forward, we want to exchange documents in huge projects in a very efficient way. The old solution for this was to exchange documents via email, however as the groups grew, the more difficult this became. We can now use HighQ Collaborate for an efficient exchange of documents with our clients.”

Marcus Voss, Vice President at HighQ Germany, says: “It’s great that Prüfer & Partner joins our broad client base and we are very happy they have chosen us. This again proves that Collaborate is designed for all sizes of law firms, from smaller and specialised ones to the big global ones. I am curious to discover how our tool will positively influence the work of Prüfer & Partner with their clients in the near future.”

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